Superlative and Comparative

1. Complete as frases usando do comparativo de superioridade dos adjetivos indicados nos parênteses:

a) My brother is _______________ than my sister, but she is ________________ than him. (tall / intelligent)

b) Do you like your tea ___________ ? (sweet)

c) He wanted to be ____________ . (rich)

d) These trees are ____________ than those ones. (small)

e) His compositions were ____________ but ______________ than ours. (short / interesting)

2. Complete as frases usando o superlativo dos adjetivos indicados nos parênteses:

a) In your opinion, what is the ________________ thing in Nature? (incredible)

b) What is the ______________ river in the world? (long)

c) What is the name of the ________________ particle of matter? (small)

d) Who is the _____________ singer in Brazil? (popular)

e) Which is the _____________ nation in the world? (poor)



1. a) taller / more intelligent

b) sweeter

c) richer

d) shorter / more interesting

2. a) most incredible

b) longest

c) smallest

d) most popular

e) poorest

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